Guest Post: Experiential Musings by Marc Verhoeve, MEd

I have some exciting news. jacksonCAREER is welcoming our first guest blogger. I’m happy to introduce you all to Marc Verhoeve, MEd. Marc has experience in the full spectrum of career-practitioner roles…as a secondary-school Counselling Head, part-time university faculty, private career-practitioner, career-assessment consultant and trainer, conference-presenter and author.

The following post has been generously contributed by Marc. Enjoy!

In various career-development roles over the past 39 years,  I have interacted with clients in all stages of career development…from pre-adolescent to retirees.

Job vs career

There have been a number of articles lately about “landing the dream job” or “following your passion in your career”.  It is simplistic to target a job that will fulfill one’s total passion.  In fact, it is dangerous. The danger of landing a dream job is that it may become the sole source of fulfillment…to the detriment of the sectors of one’s life.

Using Super’s holistic view of “career”:

job and career - MV

JOB is certainly the focal point of one’s career.  In most cases, it identifies who we are.  Most of us have “comma-ed” identities:

“Hi!   My name is Marc Verhoeve, career counsellor.”  The segment behind the comma is usually used by others to assess our view of life, salary-scale, education, etc.  [As an aside, it is interesting for me as a retiree, to remove the job post-comma item.  There is a social need to replace it with something else].

The danger of investing…and receiving one’s fulfillment from only one’s job is the fact that, if there is any downturn in one’s job sector, one loses a major segment of one’s identity…and can turn to “career-grieving”.  It is important to become “fire-proof” by also investing in [and receiving fulfillment in] the other sectors in one’s “Career”….  because, together, they will create a better work-life balance.

One’s goal is not to just “get a job” or “get a career”, but to “Get a Life”.

Where do you fit in the world of work?

Welcome to the jacksonCAREER blog. My name is Robyn and I’m new to the world of blogging…but it has been a long time coming. I knew I would end up here sooner or later. I love writing and I love sharing everything with everyone – my thoughts, ideas, inspiration, recipes, photos, and yes, even opinions. I’ll share with anyone who will listen so what better outlet for me than a blog!? (My husband can only take so much!)

Thankfully I have the opportunity to blog as part of my job. My job lets me combine so many of my favorite things, like researching, consulting, and, of course, writing. I’m an Assessment Consultant with a company called SIGMA Assessment Systems and I did my degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Usually this produces a blank stare. What it means is that I develop tools for people to learn more about themselves and where they fit in the world of work.

The purpose of this blog is to help people do just that – learn more about where they fit in the world of work. I will do this in part by drawing from our career exploration solution known as jacksonCAREER that our team here at SIGMA has recently launched. It’s built around a career interest and exploration assessment called the Jackson Career Explorer, or JCE. I‘ll also draw from articles, current trends, quotes, news items and any other interesting information I stumble across to get us collectively thinking about where each of us fits into the world of work.

ImageI want you to help contribute to our first discussion on this. I’ll start by giving you an idea of where I feel that I fit into the world of work. I’ll answer this question in more detail soon, so stay tuned for my next blog post, but until then…I can start by saying that my calling would most surely include 1) writing and 2) helping people accomplish their goals. As author of this blog, I hope I can do just that. I’ll try my best to find information that will inspire people to reconsider their dream jobs or strive for that promotion, or even embrace their current role or find ways to shape it to make it fit even better.

Let me know where you fit. I’d love to hear how you interpret this question. In the meantime, please share any questions, feedback, articles, information, photos, JCE results, (or whatever!), with us. We’d love to hear from you!