Hot Job: Physical Therapist

Why should you consider becoming a Physical Therapist, you ask?


The allied health field is big right now. Think about it: baby boomers are aging and they’re going to need healthcare providers to take care of their needs. It makes sense to consider fields like this that are going to be growing in the future…

An allied health profession that is rapidly growing and can be both personally and financially rewarding is that of Physical Therapist.

Job tasks involve meeting with patients for an initial exam, planning and executing individually designed physical treatment programs to maintain, improve, or restore physical functioning and/or alleviate pan, and administering manual therapy, including exercises, massage, or traction.

A big part of your job would be working with people, so you would have to be effective at listening, explaining things, solving problems, making decisions, and clearly conveying information to others. You would also have to be comfortable working in very close physical proximity with people.

O*NET lists the average annual salary as $78,270. Furthermore, the projected growth for this job is much faster than average with projected job openings of 100,600 between 2010 and 2020 (O*NET).

If this job is for you, seek out associations in your region, such as the American Physical Therapy Association ( for more information.

Happy Job Searching!


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