Guest Post: Experiential Musings by Marc Verhoeve, MEd

I have some exciting news. jacksonCAREER is welcoming our first guest blogger. I’m happy to introduce you all to Marc Verhoeve, MEd. Marc has experience in the full spectrum of career-practitioner roles…as a secondary-school Counselling Head, part-time university faculty, private career-practitioner, career-assessment consultant and trainer, conference-presenter and author.

The following post has been generously contributed by Marc. Enjoy!

In various career-development roles over the past 39 years,  I have interacted with clients in all stages of career development…from pre-adolescent to retirees.

Job vs career

There have been a number of articles lately about “landing the dream job” or “following your passion in your career”.  It is simplistic to target a job that will fulfill one’s total passion.  In fact, it is dangerous. The danger of landing a dream job is that it may become the sole source of fulfillment…to the detriment of the sectors of one’s life.

Using Super’s holistic view of “career”:

job and career - MV

JOB is certainly the focal point of one’s career.  In most cases, it identifies who we are.  Most of us have “comma-ed” identities:

“Hi!   My name is Marc Verhoeve, career counsellor.”  The segment behind the comma is usually used by others to assess our view of life, salary-scale, education, etc.  [As an aside, it is interesting for me as a retiree, to remove the job post-comma item.  There is a social need to replace it with something else].

The danger of investing…and receiving one’s fulfillment from only one’s job is the fact that, if there is any downturn in one’s job sector, one loses a major segment of one’s identity…and can turn to “career-grieving”.  It is important to become “fire-proof” by also investing in [and receiving fulfillment in] the other sectors in one’s “Career”….  because, together, they will create a better work-life balance.

One’s goal is not to just “get a job” or “get a career”, but to “Get a Life”.


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