What if money were no object?

Here’s a great discussion topic for this Tuesday morning: What would you do if money were no object?

For those of you who haven’t yet chosen a career, this may be an interesting way to guide your career search and exploration process. It could be a fun activity to engage in to get you thinking about the options.

You might choose to pursue that career as a sports coach, a Walmart greeter, a doctor, a fashion designer, a tour guide on some far-away tropical island, a chef, or an astronomer.

Some of you might decide to spend many years in school pursuing that profession that you have always dreamed about. With money being no object, you could spend years in school without having to worry about debt.

I’d like to share a video with some further insights on this topic….take a look.

Of course, the advice in the video is inspiring and admirable. For the most part, I would completely agree with it. I can’t help but wonder though, as the narrator implies, does the money really come later? Will it come at a cost? Does it even matter?

More importantly, are there other factors we should also be considering when we choose a career?

My opinion is YES!

Choosing a career that you feel passionate about is probably the most important factor, but please remember the other factors too. Including (but not limited to):

  • your ability (it would be ill-advised to become a gymnastics coach if you yourself do not have tremendous skill at this sport)
  • your personality (you might want to avoid being a Walmart greeter if you don’t like interacting with lots of people)
  • your education (you can’t become a doctor without first acquiring many years of education)
  • your location (you may have trouble launching your career as a fashion designer in a rural town; therefore, are you willing to move or commute if the opportunity arises?)
  • your values (if family life is very important to you, you may want to consider the effect of being far away from loved ones or whether you would like raising a family on a distant tropical island)
  • your preferences (if you want to become a chef in a busy restaurant, you may want to think about the possibility of working long hours on evenings and weekends)
  • the opportunities available to you (if you want to be an astronomer, consider that the demand for this type of niche career may not be incredibly high)

After weighing all of these factors, and more, hopefully your passion and drive to pursue your dream career are still strong. I certainly don’t want to dissuade anyone. I just want to make sure that you consider the factors.

Luckily our career assessment, the Jackson Career Explorer, highlights jobs that match your interests but also includes a section in the report called Exploring my Options that allows you to answer some important questions related to other factors in the career decision process.

I’d love to hear what you would do if money were no object. I’m curious about the diversity of responses. Please share!

Looking forward to continuing this discussion…


One thought on “What if money were no object?

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